I am so moved by your prompt reply to my blood test results! After limited help from my GP, I was left feeling anxious. Your explanation has helped me very much to have peace of mind..

I feel so lucky to know you.

K.A., Sept 2023

Thanks so much for sending my consultatio notes through and overall for all your guidance, help and support over these past 3 months. I’ve really appreciated it and enjoyed the process of learning more about my body.

A.A., Sept 2023

I am so glad that I found Karen. She has been so friendly and caring, she is clearly very knowledgeable, and I feel I have finally found the support and guidance I need to help me to improve my health, thank you.

Ms K.P., Sept 2023

Amazing, thank you so much to Karen Preece Smith with her amazing expertise and understanding of SIBO and my intestinal issues. She thoroughly reviewed all my test results and is putting a plan into action for supplements and my next step forward to hopefully healing my gut and getting relief from issues I have had for over 20 years. She was very caring, understanding and her knowledge is way beyond what I was expecting from the consultation. I cannot recommend Karen enough and look forward to our future correspondence together

Mr M.P., June 2022

This was my first consultation with Karen and I was very happy with how things went. Karen gave me confidence that I can achieve a positive outcome with a histamine intolerance I seem to have acquired. It’s early days yet and some tests still to come but Karen has a lot of knowledge and experience and I have trust in her to help me through this.

K.H., May 2022

Brilliant! Very pleased with my sessions!

Thanks so much.

J.R., Dec 2022

Karen Preece Smith is incredibly knowledgeable of her subject; she explained each step clearly with visual maps and good sound advice. I’ve recommended her to many of my clients and friends.

C.D., Dec 2022

I had my first consultation with Karen this week and I was extremely pleased with the depth the consultation went into. I felt I was listened to and Karen shared some tips for not only nutrition but also relaxation that would lower my stress levels. I feel that I’m finally getting some answers to my array of symptoms and can’t wait for my next appointment

L.W., Sept 2022

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“I have been working with Karen Preece Smith for several months and have found her to be a very professional, empathic and friendly person. She is passionate about the work she does and is keen to motivate others to feel the same. Karen works hard to ensure that she is at the forefront of developments in nutrition and has the ability to translate what can often be bewildering and, seemingly, contrasting information into straightforward and highly practical information and advice. She treats everyone individually, ensuring that the best ‘fit’ is achieved in terms of treatment, supplements (I find it difficult to take tablets, so Karen sourced and recommended drops and powders, where possible) and advice.

“I would recommend Karen to anyone who has an interest in understanding more about themselves and how effective nutrition can be in enabling people to live a full and satisfying life.”

Kevin, Cheltenham

“Karen has provided me with nutritional coaching support since September 2019, since when she has successfully motivated me through significant and beneficial dietary changes. I have been hugely impressed by Karen’s professionalism, clinical knowledge and overwhelming positivity. She is innovative in approach and a highly skilled communicator, able to translate complex information in a manner that I will understand. She is highly motivated and appears genuinely committed in helping me to achieve my goals. A very talented individual with seemingly limitless positivity (much needed in helping to secure sustainable change).”

Rob, Cheltenham

“I embarked on Karen’s re-set course post lockdown 3.0 with a hope that it might just help me to get out of some bad habits that I’ve formed over the last year – stress and comfort eating, drinking to excess and lack of motivation.

I no longer snack, I’m full after meals, I exercise for 30 mins every day without question, I’m looking after myself (skincare, relaxation etc.) as a matter of course, not just as a treat. I don’t drink alcohol Monday-Friday and only drink in moderation at weekends. I’m taking an interest in cooking which is making me more mindful of what I’m eating and I’ve lost 4kg!

Karen you’ve been brilliant; your motivational words, encouragement, advice when I’ve needed it, and recipe tips have been invaluable. I genuinely feel quite emotional at how much my life has changed in such a short period of time. I know I will just keep going with the good habits I’ve picked up. Thank you.

Lizzie, Gloucestershire

“It felt like a breath of fresh air to finally have someone understand my digestive issues after all these years. Thank you Karen.”

A.H., Surrey

“I was extremely pleased with the amount of depth the consultation (with Karen) went into. I felt I was listened to and Karen shared some tips for not only nutrition but also relaxation that would lower my stress levels.”

L.H., Brighton

“Karen was my favourite nutritionist to date! She was so helpful and I am going to follow up with her when I get back.”

H.J., Balham, London
(In:Spa retreat guest in Tuscany)

Average score of 9.5/10. “Well organised, enlightening and a good mix of content. Karen is a natural presenter, very knowledgeable and very engaging.”

Feedback from Sony on their Corporate Brain Performance Seminar.