Fabulous foods for children’s health

Last weekend I was lucky enough to assist with ‘Fabulous Foods for Children’s Health’, a workshop run by my mentor, children’s health specialist Belinda Blake. The course covered health and nutritional requirements for children and how to support them during key developmental stages from weaning and toddlerhood through to adolescence. There were also some delicious foods to try, from ‘Charlie and Lola’s bedtime pink milk drink’, to kefir, to strawberry chia jam on blueberry and coconut pancakes (the pancakes were especially moreish).

    Take away messages from the workshop were:

  • Eat a rainbow: The more fruit and vegetables that young children are exposed to really does increase their tastes for more foods and flavours, plus the polyphenols they contain have therapeutic benefits to health.

  • Pay attention to texture: So your child likes smooth textures? Load him or her up with fruit and vegetable smoothies, porridge, soups, stews and humous with cooked crudités. Prefer crunchy? Try beetroot crisps, Emily Apple crisps, crunchy oats and seeds and carrot sticks.

  • If they really won’t eat anything apart from their ‘favourite’ sausages and mash, then try a ‘tiny taste’ (ie. a teaspoon full) of a ‘new’ taste a day and reward with stickers!

  • Remember if your child has serious health issues, is coeliac, or has food allergies and/or sensitivities do consult with a registered child nutritional therapist such as myself. You can book a FREE consultation HERE.