Keto: Does it work and is it for you?

You may have read about the ketogenic (keto) diet in the media or know of someone who has tried it themselves. So, what is it and does it work?

In short, the “keto” diet is a sister of the Atkins-style or paleo-style diet, where carbohydrates are minimised and fat and protein are promoted to encourage your body to enter a stage of “ketosis” whereby you burn off your fat stores to supply your body with energy. It typically suits carnivorous types who love rich cheese sauces and steaks. The first week is hard as all green foods are banned! Breakfast is typically a bulletproof coffee (or even a Black Hoof – coffee and coconut oil), followed by chicken for lunch and fish in a creamy sauce for dinner. If you can stick to the programme, you can expect rapid weight loss: between 1-2 stones in a fortnight.

As always, to achieve the most effective results, please consult with a health professional such as myself in advance of starting a new dietary protocol to ensure it is suitable for your unique health needs.