The importance of mindset when making positive dietary changes

It’s a familiar January feeling of setting a larger-than-life goal that you will achieve by January 31st – a financial overhaul, a dietary transformation, a new and improved relationship.

While goal-setting is a positive trait, what often holds us back from achieving our goals isn’t actually the frequency of steps it takes to get there, or the lack of planning: it is our mindset.

In terms of psychology, this is often referred to as a ‘personality type.’ A ‘helper’ type, for example, may struggle to put their own needs first, above the needs of others. This may be a limiting factor in achieving their goals. Acting on this model enables the individual to use their personality type to achieve their goals rather than stumbling on them. If weight-loss is an aim for a ‘helper’, for example, then exercising or losing weight as part of a group may be especially beneficial.

What is holding you back from meaningful change this year? What old habits can you say goodbye to?

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